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    Newcastle MATCH REPORT

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    These are so much harder to write after a defeat, so hope you appreciate it!

    Clubs spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on facilities, and tacticians, and scouting, and sports science, and statisticians, and conditioning experts. The football media pores ad nauseum over systems, and coaching, and skill-sets, and decision-making. Fans fixate on desire and heart and commitment. The unspoken truth – the factor mocking everything – is that pure luck plays a massive part in it all. If Newcastle’s 81st minute leveller here – Atsu’s scuffed volley, deflecting off Murphy’s toe, and looping high off the unaware Diame’s foot, into the very top corner of the net – comes to ultimately define the Albion’s season, we might as well all just pack it in.

    An unprecedented run of misfortune derailed the finale of the last campaign. If lady luck is in the same mood this season, she can **** off, frankly
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