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Thread: Was it a fluke?

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    Was it a fluke?

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    Yes Atsu comically slices his shot and then it grazes off Murphy's boot. But it looks to me that Diame then angles his foot to direct it goalbound with only a millisecond to react to his teammates' miskicks. So I think this could be a decent bit of technique by Diame
    "I have been in professional football since I was 16 - that's 33 years this summer. I have seen and done it all. In Brighton, I thought that I had found a club that sat outside the norm. People who love their club but are realistic about their club's prospects in dire circumstances. That appealed to me. That is what I call true loyalty. Supporting the club as you have done through the hard times. I am prepared to be here through these hard times and to develop a squad as I have started to do in preparation for the day that we all move to a new stadium at Falmer. I need your support, patience and understanding in the long-term because there is no quick fix. I hope you will continue to give me that opportunity." Mark McGhee, 17th April 2006


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