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    Quote Originally Posted by Skaville View Post
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    My biggest concern with Hughton. IF we go up I'd be very concerned about him consistently making this mistake time and time again like he did at Norwich
    if we go up, we will find it difficult whoever is managing us. and don't forget, sacking hughton proved to be the biggest mistake Norwich ever made
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      Stephens had one of his worst games for us in my opinion.

      We looked in complete control until Pocognoli's injury. I honestly believe we would have gone on to win if he had not gone off. Whatever gameplan we had went out the window when Tomori came on, which wasn't his fault - but it was clear to me that the rest of the team did not have the same faith in him as they did in Pocognoli.

      Proper punch to the gut last night. But I think if most were offered the position we are in now at the start of the season would have taken it in a heartbeat.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Skaville View Post
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      Stockdale - 7 - a couple of great saves. Marked down a point for that error
      Bruno - 5 - oh dear Saltor. Dived in unnecessarily to concede the corner that led to the jammy goal, then misjudged the flight of the ball for the pass that led to the second. Just ran out of gas
      Poco - 6/Tomori - 7 - looked massively out of place but really grew into the game
      Duffy - 7 - a strangely off night. Another who tired
      Dunk - 8 - the pick of our defence. Countless interceptions and great passing
      Stephens - 7 - as with so many, tired after playing well
      Sidwell - 8 - MOTM won the battle of the ginger ninjas
      Murphy - 7 - really helped tomori grow into the game. Some incicive runs, little end product
      Knockaert - 6 - nothing worked tonight
      Murray - 5 - a rare occasion where his touch largely failed him
      baldock - 6 - a handful again

      Kayal - 4 - offered literally nothing. At least look like you can be arsed
      March - N/A

      Hughton - 4 - allowed the team to sit too deep. Made the wrong substitution. Baldock should have stayed on. I would have taken off Murray for hemed
      Correct, the team sat too deep. This is what happens when we play too deep, we get shut down, the players panic and make mistakes.
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      Stockdale - 7.5
      Bruno - 6
      Duffy - 6
      Dunk - 6
      Pog - 7
      Murphy - 7
      Stephens - 6
      Sidwell - 8 MOM a few misplaced passes but appropriately spiteful
      Knockers - 6
      Murray - 6.5
      Baldock - 6.5

      Tomori - 7
      Kayal - 5
      March - N/A
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      Stockers - 6.5 - he did pull off some good saves, but that blocked pass out was a shocker, and the attempted punch out that led to the ludicrous equaliser seemed to be a slight lack of communication and should have been cleared better.
      Bruno - 7.5 - he seemed to be the only one who kept his head, and touch, after we scored. Could have closed down the nippy Atsu prior to the winner, but when we got the ball to him he didn't fluff his lines as much as those who I do expect more from.
      Duffy - 8 - not perfect, but a titan, and showing some good ball skills when under pressure. His passing was better too.
      Dunk - 8 - lost the ball foolishly on an occasion, but a quality defender and good passer.
      Pocog - 6 - gutted to lose him so early, as our attacking outlet down the left became a one-man show, against 3 Newcies. I'll give Tomori the equal score for how he improved in the second half, but by jingo we need someone fit enough to play there soon who is a left-back and understands how we move as a team. He seemed lost.
      Stephens - 4 - tough and sturdy for parts of the second half, but his lack of control of the ball had me quite angry. We weren't being closed down constantly. Of course we're wonderfully brave, but it ires me at times that we try to be only that, rather than the skillful and adept side of footballers we can be.
      Sidders - 5 - better than Dale, but even short passes weren't meeting their target and I expect more from him in that way.
      Baldock - 6 - up against a quite tough defence, but ran his little heart out.
      Murray - 6 - scored, so that's of course good, but, heavens alive his touch and passing can sometimes be atrocious. It seemed to then spread through the team. I felt we needed Hemed on for some of that match, as Murray was being outleapt for much of it.
      Knocky - 7 - still a class player who wasn't played into the game enough. He will overdo things and get fancy, but it can't work every time. His flick over the wall for Baldock to slightly scuff his shot, was a classic bit of Knocky magic.
      Murphy - 7 - playing on his own for the second half, and much of the first, which looked ever so tricky, but the man is in good form and cuts inside well.
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      Stockdale - 7;

      Bruno - 6;
      Dunk - 7;
      Duffy - 7;
      Fikori - 7;

      Stephens - 5;
      Sidwell - 6;
      Knockaert - 6;
      Murphy - 6;

      Baldock - 6;
      Murray - 6.


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