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    Player ratings - Newcastle (H)

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    Stockdale - 7 - a couple of great saves. Marked down a point for that error
    Bruno - 5 - oh dear Saltor. Dived in unnecessarily to concede the corner that led to the jammy goal, then misjudged the flight of the ball for the pass that led to the second. Just ran out of gas
    Poco - 6/Tomori - 7 - looked massively out of place but really grew into the game
    Duffy - 7 - a strangely off night. Another who tired
    Dunk - 8 - the pick of our defence. Countless interceptions and great passing
    Stephens - 7 - as with so many, tired after playing well
    Sidwell - 8 - MOTM won the battle of the ginger ninjas
    Murphy - 7 - really helped tomori grow into the game. Some incicive runs, little end product
    Knockaert - 6 - nothing worked tonight
    Murray - 5 - a rare occasion where his touch largely failed him
    baldock - 6 - a handful again

    Kayal - 4 - offered literally nothing. At least look like you can be arsed
    March - N/A

    Hughton - 4 - allowed the team to sit too deep. Made the wrong substitution. Baldock should have stayed on. I would have taken off Murray for hemed
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      Stockdale - 8 - Made some great saves but marked down for the silly kick and poor punch that led to the first goal
      Bruno - 8 - I thought Bruno was immense all game. Yes he maybe could have done better with the long ball for their winner but how many times did Dunk, Tomori and Duffy **** up and get away with it. I know you may say that that didn't lead to a goal but that is more down to fate rather than a bad performance.
      Poco - 7 - Poco looked ok before going off. Linked up well with Murphy
      Tomori - 2 - First half / 7 Second Half - Looked nervous as **** in the first half and didn't know what to do. Calmed in the second and didn't do much wrong
      Duffy - 7 - Defensively great, ****ed around to much with his passing at the back
      Dunk - 8 - Solid.
      Stephens - 6 - Gave the ball away too many times often in dangerous positions. Shelvey made him look poor in comparison.
      Sidwell - 7 - Strong and worked hard but didn't dominate like normal.
      Murphy - 7 - Much better in first half and had them tied up in knots. Did little in the second.
      Knockaert - 5 - Very poor. Made bad decisions and seemed to be determined to beat his player 3 or 4 times rather than once and shoot/cross. Frustrating as he can be so good but still love him
      Murray - 4 - Barely won a header and was bullied for most of the game. Excellent penalty
      Baldock - 6 - Worked hard but little came off for him. Another one that often took one touch too many.

      Kayal - 4 - Didn't really notice that he had come on. Bizarre sub.
      March - N/A

      Hughton - 6 - Was too defensive once they scored and probably waited too long to make a change before they did. Still the best manager in the league when you consider the players Rafa has at his disposal.
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      Stocker - 7 - A few superb moments outweighed a few dodgy ones
      Bruno - 7 - Solid yet again but struggled to impose himself at times
      Duffy - 6 - Not at his best but nobody was tonight
      Dunk - 7 - See above
      Pocognoli - N/A Not on long enough but done well when he was on
      Tomori - 6 - Poor in 1st half but much improve in 2nd
      Murphy - 7 - Made some good runs but sometimes doesn't read the game so well
      Stephens - 7 - Solid enough and unlucky not to score
      Sidwell - 8 - Good game and has real heart in the midfield MoM
      Knockaert - 6.5 - A creative outlet but on one occasion was too selfish in a move where he should have passed instead of shooting
      Baldock - 8 - Caused major problems at times and worked tirelessly
      Murray - 6.5 - Despite scoring he did not impose himself in open play and didn't cover himself in glory defensively either

      March - N/A
      Kayal - 5 - Again not influential enough when coming on
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      Stocko - 8
      Bruno -7
      Duffy -7
      Dunk - 7
      Pog. 7 / Tomori 7

      Murphy - 7
      Stephens - 6
      Sidwell - 8.5 MOM
      Knocky. - 6

      Muzza - 6.5
      Bladock- 6

      Kayal - 5.5
      March - n/a
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      I hope Stephens realises that should he get his wish of PL football this summer, he's going to have to raise his standard somewhat, didn't think he got close to Shelvey's level tonight at any stage yet he's been one of our best players for last two seasons.
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      Stockdale 8.5 MOTM He made a couple of mistakes but also some blinding saves
      Bruno 7 Did well in the first half but the pressure told
      Duffy 8 If it's in the air he'll put his head on it
      Dunk 7 Tough game for him and Duffy
      Pocognoli 6 Did ok, but not on long enough to get a higher score
      Stephens 6.5 couple of shakey moments but did ok overall
      Sidwell 7 Worked hard
      Knocky 5 Flattered to deceive. Think March should have come on earlier
      Murphy 7 Great first half but had to defend a lot more once Pocognoli went off
      Baldock 6 worked hard and looked a threat
      Murray 7 Tough night for him. I haven't seen the highlights or replays but it looked like he had a good shout for a second penalty.

      Tomori 6.5 ok. Hard as he was out of position and very inexperienced. Managed to quiet down Atsu though.
      March.... not on long enough to make a difference, would have liked to have seen him on earlier.
      Kayal 5 Wrong choice by CH

      Overall I think we did ok against a decent side who should definitely win this league. Colback, Shelvey and Ritchie looked good.
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      Stockdale 8
      Bruno 7
      Pocgomoli 6
      Duffy 5 - thought he was sloppy and got sucked in on their winner
      Dunk 7
      Murphy 7
      Stephens 5
      Sidwell 6
      Knockaert 5
      Baldock 6
      Murray 5

      Tomori 6
      Kayal n/a
      March n/a

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      Stockdale 6 - giving away unnecessary corner leading to equaliser and then the team as a whole looked beaten
      Bruno 7
      Duffy 8 Motm
      Dunk 8
      Pocognoli 7
      Knockaert 7
      Stephens 8
      Sidwell 7.5
      Murphy 7
      Baldock 7
      Murray 5 -Please start hemed from now on. Sluggish. Unnecessary fouls. Why spend 3m on him?!?

      Tomori 7
      Kayal 5
      March 6
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      Good 1st half faded second, sat on a 1 goal lead and paid the price!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Don Tmatter View Post
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      I hope Stephens realises that should he get his wish of PL football this summer, he's going to have to raise his standard somewhat, didn't think he got close to Shelvey's level tonight at any stage yet he's been one of our best players for last two seasons.
      Yes there are too many times when he goes missing. He's just a little to lackadaisical at times. Normally better than tonight though.

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