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    Colours advice ...

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    Turning to the good folk of NSC for some wise advice, if I may.

    I have a business trip to Newcastle next Tuesday - 5 of us from Telford to meet up with business colleagues in Newcastle.
    We do this monthly and always go out somewhere for a few beers and some nosh in the evening.
    Last time there was a bit of banter about the top of the Championship - all light hearted / fun.
    Next Thursday we're going to "Lane 7" for some retro bowling / night out

    So, would I be silly / provocative if I wore my black [Brighton away] shirt?
    Newcastle are playing that night, away at Reading - so will most serious Magpies be out of town or glued to their radios?
    I'm not one to go looking for trouble - 55 y/o pot-bellied male - but wearing a Brighton shirt in the heart of Newcastle city centre on a Tuesday night - would that be asking for trouble?
    Or would it make for banter / conversation? Whey Aye!

    Thoughts .....

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