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    Some of my favourites times following the Albion are Newcastle games.

    1978-79 Won Home and Away, best away match ever.
    3 Cup wins attended, one at St James in the 1980's and 2 at AMEX.
    Keegan's last match at Newcastle great scenes
    Bryan Wade 4 goals at the Goldstone

    Feeling confident of a win, as we have our Mojo back.

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      If the choice was either to play the match, or don't play the match and take a draw, then you play the match and go for the win. If I recall correctly, we have a good recent record vs Newcastle at the Amex, and we owe them for the 3 points they picked up against us at their place.

      Having said that, would I be upset if we end up getting a draw? Not at all.
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      Shame we got caught in the headlights a little bit at their place. This is an ideal opportunity to show our real class at a time when the momentum is with us and the pressure is more on them. Won't be despondent about a draw, but I think we'll be stretching every sinew for the win.
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      Before last weekend's results I would have taken a draw, now I want the win!
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      Are the people saying Yes to this question the same lily-livered lot that wanted Newcastle to beat Massive because... " Newcastle are going to win the league anyway and I want us and them to pull away from the chasing pack. I'll be happy with 2nd place" ?

      I fully appreciate we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, but some of us really need to ditch the tin pot and realise that we have no one to fear in this division this season. It's only the media that have tried convincing everyone Newcastle are champions elect. In fact, the commentators and pundits even refer to them as Champions every time they eek out another 3 pts on tv, and yet they haven't won bugger all yet!

      Let's take on all comers and prove we're the best team in the division. If we turn out not to be the best then so be it, but CH and the squad haven't bottled anything or settled for second best so far, so why should we.

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      Answer a question with a question.

      Would Newcastle take a draw?

      If your answer to that is 'yes' then your answer to the first question has to be 'no'.
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      This thread is useless without a poll

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      It's been confirmed that Gayle will NOT play tomoz.
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      Thank L Ron nobody has to accept any result and they just happen no matter how much you, as a fan of your team, love or hate the result.

      The truth comes out when the result happens whether you are able to admit whether or not you favoured the losing side when asked by a fan who does not know your allegiance.

      "Oh, I really wasn't backing Reading. I knew Brighton was the better side."
      Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.

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      Quote Originally Posted by dadams2k11 View Post
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      It's been confirmed that Gayle will NOT play tomoz.
      No it hasn't.

      I'm not saying he will, but it certainly hasn't been confirmed.
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