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Thread: Brighton & Hove Albion - The Biggest Bottlejob Football Club.

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    I'm in the mood for ska

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    Toffee anyone?
    Either that wallpaper goes or I do

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrightonBottleJobs View Post
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    Brighton & Hove Albion - The Biggest Bottlejob Football Club with The Biggest BOTTLEJOB fans.

    - Brighton v Palace 0-2. BRIGHTON BOTTLED PLAY OFF
    - Brighton v Derby 2-6. BRIGHTON BOTTLED PLAY OFF
    - Brighton v Sheffield Wednesday 1-3. BRIGHTON BOTTLED PLAY OFF
    - Brighton Play Off Bottlejobs? 100%

    I understand everyone on here is on the ''Promotion Bus'' so to speak, but the club as a whole and the fans are all clueless. First of all, as you can see above that it's a never ending pattern of ****ing it all up. I think it's all so funny that all of you for the last four seasons have been saying the same old shit so early. "It's our year, it's our season, we're going up this year" - It's all the same and that's why I despise the club so much. First of all, I can't complain that this season you've all started so well, but I remember when Brighton done Norwich 5-0, and coming on here and on Facebook seeing every Brighton fan saying, "WE ARE GOING UP, THIS IS THE SEASON" - I mean come on, it was like 13 games and that's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen and heard.

    I was so delighted on Saturday when Preston beat you 2-0 because maybe that was a kick in the bollocks everyone deserved, even sweeter taste knowing an eighteen match unbeaten run ended and Brighton seem once again the bottle jobs as we know it. I think everyone forgets when looking at the table that a win is three points and the chasing pack below are slowly approaching up to take that 2nd place spot. I believe Newcastle will end up storming the league in the upcoming weeks and 1st place was never going to Brighton at all which makes it all the greater knowing that Newcastle are the strongest force in the league.

    The Transfer Window - Why in the ****ing **** aren't you buying anyone in the transfer window at the moment. You're nineteen days in and you've secured a bunch of nobodies they have gone straight into the reserve ****. That isn't really positive is it? If you can't see through that then you're ridiculously stupid. It's the same as every year at the moment, you have one good goalscorer then the rest just fade away. I know what Chris Haughton is doing, waiting and waiting until the very last minute thinking that at the moment the squad is strong enough.....It isn't, you need a Premier League Mind in that squad who can pull the boys through with the experience to keep calm. Brighton for sure, don't have any of that. Just all Championship Bottlers. Why can't you just fork out a good couple million on a striker who can partner up who is actually capable of scoring goals instead of having the goons that score against the shitty clubs, but can't preform against the big sides. It's going to be a panic buy if you lose to Sheffield Wednesday tomorrow night.

    THE BOTTLING OUTCOME: I've said it for the last three seasons so the 4th season isn't going to be different, Brighton will **** this up as they've always done and will lose out in the Play Off's ONCE AGAIN. The runs of losses will come in the next two months, the frustration and the anger will kick in when Sheffield Wednesday & Leeds start chasing and soon enough over-taking. Just face the facts and disappointment already that Brighton aren't going up into the Premier League.

    Crystal Palace - I love the fact you laugh at Palace's disappointment from time to time but they're in the Premier League, the best league in the world. I know for sure they couldn't care less about your comments because not only did they do you in the play off's, they laughed all the way to promotion and have stayed in the premier league all that time. There is no way in hell Brighton would of stayed there for this long and even I, if, if, somehow in this life you get there, you'll get relegated first season so it's pointless you being humiliated.

    That's really it, keep being the bottlers you all are.
    Yes and we HATE you too. Goodbye.
    They were white.

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    Sad and desperate Palarse fan clinging onto something that just is not there. The club of thieves and pykies is hanging onto the Premier League ( NOT Premiership as most of you retarded f***wits at Palace keep calling it) gravy train to keep your Yank owned tinpot castle in the sand in the MONEY. You lost your way a long time ago and are now a parody of all that is wrong with the modern game. Your club is now a whore to whoever wants to own and use you. You may last another season with your patched up shithole of a ground and your 'tourist' support but your days are numbered. What happens when your yank sugar daddy wants another toy? Keep the lights flashing and girls dancing you sad f***ers, but just remember, the circus could pull out of town any day soon.
    Have you seen the Muppet Show........

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