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    More TERRIBLE Pub closing news RIP Ranelagh

    2 Not allowed!
    The Ranelagh just off St James Street

    I contacted the website about the What's On Page and got this reply

    I don't know if you will hear from Michael (the ex landlord) but I can tell you the Ranelagh is definitely closed until further notice.

    There is currently people working to try and find someone who is prepared to take the lease on but it is early days yet.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

    If you look at the Facebook group you will see one or two acts have found an alternative location (the franklin arms is one I think)

    Bloody terrible news. Love the Blues in there

    I'm just getting used to the Albion in Hove closing and now this!

    It puts the trivial celeb death thread into perspective. This is much worse news

    I have not forgiven Lewes Council, or DeVeggie, or Archer, or Bellotti, or Stanley, or Bailey, or Whiteside, or Challis, or Saints and Spurs for that 0-0 in 1978.
    I don't get over things and I don't move on easily. OK?

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