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    It's a Somp'ting

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    Never went in the South Stand, stood in all the other areas and sat in the West.

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      Most memorable games - North Stand for Fans United // East Terrace - Liverpool // Norwich FA Cup Qtr // South Sitting - West Brom
      South Standing - Derby Cty/Ipswich Twn/Walsall/York City // West Standing - Man City (Corrigan broken arm)
      A looooonnnggggg way away. My love of the Albion keeps me connected to my roots. If you can easily get to the game....PLEASE don't moan...regardless of the performance or the score, I'd love to see us tonked 5-0, just to see the blue and white stripes.
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      North stand
      South stand
      West stand seats

      Only had 5 seasons there as a young teen.
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      Quote Originally Posted by rigton70 View Post
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      Chicken run
      East both parts
      I didn't know there were so many sections in the east.
      1 billion
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      Quote Originally Posted by Buzzer View Post
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      A poor effort from me:

      North Stand
      South Stand
      Chicken Run
      West Stand (seats)

      Always wanted to go into the Lego Stand in the NW corner but never had the opportunity.
      I couldn't make my mind up whether to include the lego stand or not. I decided not too because i hadn't sat there as i was to young.
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      All except West stand seating
      Following his dismissal, Pardew was permitted to return to his office to take down the framed photos of himself and remove the carefully wrapped presents he had placed under his private Christmas tree, each bearing the label to Alan with love
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      Quote Originally Posted by Triggaaar View Post
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      I didn't know there were so many sections in the east.
      I included both terraces because half of it was giving to away fans and the other half well was fallen apart.
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      All stands and terraces except the Lego stand.
      Also went in the old South Stand before it was rebuilt, stood on the terrace and sat in the seats for a reserve match.
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      Don't think I did the lego but certainly did all the others
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      Come on then,who has sat in the old west? Name:  Image_4_-_B___H_Albion_Old_West_Stand_C._19541_s.jpg
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      What was with the white looking part of the North,no cheating(google),oldies will know the answer.
      In Deo Fidemus we know our history,yet we embrace change-Hello from the real Brighton

      Posh? i'd say a non clock watcher,an early riser,creator of ones own fortune,a grafter,a clever dick,an inheritor,a late home type,one that makes sacrifice,gifted maybe.

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