Its with a heavy heart - that just before we get to the premier league I'm going to have to give up my Platinum - Mayo Wyne Baxter Lounger - on the half way line, WSL season tickets x 2.

Yes right before we get to the premier league!

I'm not using them very much (haven't managed to make a game since Mid Nov!) - and I cant be bothered to have the hassle of keeping selling them each week (which I do manage to do most of the time) when with there are virtually no games I can go to anyway - there are only 3 left this season I can make unless they move for TV.

If somebody wants to assume the contract from me now with the club, and split the joining fee with me (*I paid 1000 for the two in 1901 joining fees) then they are yours from 1st Feb 2017.

Its a 261 a month direct debit for the seats which you have to sign up to with the club for the remainder of the 4 & 1/2 years of the debenture - you will then be able to renew or sell them and get your joining fee back.

No scam here - email me if your interested and we can get you signed up with Paul Rogers who is our account manager.
Happy to email you a picture of the view from the seats.
They are one in front of the other at the end of a row - just how we wanted it so no disturbance from people going to the loo! and perfect for a dad and kid. No bad language in 1901.
Quite a few people on this website have used my seats over the years so can testify how good they are!

I will also be a willing punter to buy them from you when you cant go on the few occasions I can - especially if you want a week off!

Before anybody asks yes I will sell them from the start of next season - but I wont commit to that until I've tried to get somebody to take them over with immediate effect.
Email me if interested.