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Thread: Mk dons fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by T soprano View Post
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    Our support was probably f******g shite today as the North stand wasn't open due to club saving cash
    End of
    Like I said in the Mk dons tickets thread that's why I didn't go to today's game, I go to football not just to watch the football but to experience an atmos created by a home end Kop, which the club decided not to open for this fixture
    The club did drop a clanger today. some people want to sit in the north as it's where the noise is or simply because it's behind a goal. The club IMO should have not bothered opening the south for MK. Pop them in E1G and E1H which we already have perfect segreagation for and open the North fully.

    In addition, I really think they should have run the Mill Road P+R. No one would have minded paying. There was circa 50% more at today's game than a typical game with Withdean and the P+R was running for all of those.

    The atmosphere was pants. Some tried and tried but it was never going to happen. It was like shouting at someone whilst scuba diving.

    Not opening the north also meant the maximum walking distance to trains - the only viable method of transport for most.
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