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    I'm still happy with it!
    Only the musically educated have Pet Sounds...

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      Just a personal opinion but my son has one and in my mind it was great as a novelty for the time that he bought it, and I considered buying one : but I believe that in the long run it is an expensive 5 minute wonder and therefore a waste of money. I prefer my I pod playing through a unit with speakers and charger
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bozza View Post
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      The Echo is back down from 149.99 to 99.99 for those sitting on the fence still:


      Are recent buyers still happy? I have some Amazon gift vouchers I could spend on one right now (to make up for iPhone disappointment)
      For a hundred quid, its a no-brainer. I'm loving it.

      Obviously the music is the No1 function (for me). I especially love how I can have it through my Bluetooth headphones and wander around listening to my tunes and my podcasts. Its just the little things as well though. Like last night, I had a moderate interest in the Champions League games as I had an acca on, but not enough interest to watch them. So every now and then, I'd say "Alexa - how are Manchester United doing tonight ?". She'd give me the current scoreline and the minute the game was in. I swear she had a little chuckle when she gave me the Celtic score, but I may have imagined that.

      I've had her about 4-6 weeks now, and wouldn't be without her. 3 of my mates have also invested soon after they'd had a little play as well. She's very seductive.
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