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    Young Seagulls free 7th birthday shirt

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    Apologies in advance as I'm sure this has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer.

    I know it's free so some will say I shouldn't be complaining, but why is the voucher which Young Seagulls members get on their 7th birthday only exchangable for a small boys shirt? Not all 7 year olds are the same size, and my boys are both big for their age. So far I've shelled out for 8 different Albion shirts, and numerous pairs of shorts and socks for my eldest. Just to illustrate the situation, he was 10 last month and I had to buy him a medium men's shirt!
    Anyway, my point is that the small boys shirt won't fit my other son who is 7 today. This means that there's now a boy who was excited at getting a free shirt, only to discover that it won't fit. The larger size is the same price, but I'm not allowed to get one that fits him instead. So I can claim a shirt from the club which I have no use for (not sure how that benefits anyone), but if my son wants one that fits, I have to pay another £35. Given the amount I already pay on season tickets, programmes, beer, pies, hat-trick tickets, kits, merchandise etc, I really don't think it would hurt the club to enable me to exchange my voucher for a shirt which my son can actually use, especially when there is no additional financial loss to them. Please don't think I'm ungrateful, but if it's not going to be one which fits, it's a little unfair to get kids excited with the promise of a shirt in the first place.
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      Thanks for the feedback. There are a couple of things to consider from our end.

      Firstly, when we order a season's worth of shirts (yes we have to order once per season) we have to order enough to cover our YS members. Most of these are ordered in 7-year-old size. We appreciate there may be some deviation, and supporter services are happy to assist a size or so either way (subject to availability) if you drop them a note.

      Secondly, this is another area where a very small number of people have abused the spirit in which the shirt is given. Reading your post, clearly you are not one of those. So I'm sure supporter services will assist (please copy in this thread). However, we would prefer not to have to be so explicit and heavy handed - but due to this we've had to modify this offer over the years.


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