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    Train Station Signs

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    I think I've made this point before, but nothing was done and now with the new signs this season, it seems to have gotten worse.

    The signs over the ramp leading to the bridge over the train station directing fans to the lewes train, buses and the university car parks is fine. But the decision to put the sign for brighton trains on the left side of the downward slope is just leading to lots of confusion.

    Every home game there are a lot of fans who see the sign on the left side of the downward slope path beside the station and they head down that left side, only to get near to station entrance and discover that the queue for the train to brighton is on the right side of the slope, and they have to go back up the slope, while thousands of fans are trying to walking down the path to get to/through the bridge car park.

    Surely it makes more sense to have that sign on the right, hanging over the side of the ramp to indicate that non-moving queue of people is actually the queue for the brighton trains? So people don't become safety hazards as they try to fight the tide as they make their way back up to the back of the queue?
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