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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwylan View Post
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    This sums it up neatly. I voted to leave but I had what I thought were realistic expectations: the 'have our cake and eat it' policy was obviously completely bonkers but it's what's driven our whole approach to the negotiations. If we'd said,"we want to leave the SM/CU but will keep free movement" we may have got somewhere (I'm just using those examples as shorthand, I'm fully aware that it's more complex than that) but we made no attempt to negotiate.

    And the Irish issue was clearly a major problem and there seems to have been no attempt to really tackle it. The obvious solution to me was to keep NI in the customs union and have the border in the Irish Sea but May thought sucking up the DUP was more important than trying to solve a thorny Brexit issue.
    She was forced to suck up to the DUP, as her gambled snap election failed miserably.
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    NSC at its very best ~ a post based on assumption on a matter the poster hasn't got a clue about!!
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