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    Related to this, I left an albion game at full time once and missed out on meeting my doppelganger who was having a post-game beer.

    I was sent subsequent pictures of this chap by my mates who were bewildered by it. I showed my OWN MOTHER the picture and said "who is this".

    Her response: "you as an 18 year old" It sent chills through me. When I told her it wasn't she thought I was joking. Really weird experience.
    Over thirty five years ago I turned up for football training on a Thursday night at Blatchington Mill School.
    It was the beginning of the Sunday League season and we had a few new members turn up that night.
    While having the pre training kick about a fella came through the double doors with a couple of others.
    That bloke was my double
    He was in the hall for no longer than two minutes then left.
    A couple of mates came over and asked if he was related.
    It happened---I've never forgotten it.
    You know I'm right

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