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    World Trade Centre Memorial

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    A few weeks ago I visited New York City with my family. Like many we chose to visit the World Trade Centre memorial. The attack is definitely one of those events that fall into the category of "I remember where I was when I heard..."

    As I left a meeting in our company offices in Manchester the security guard had scrawled on a whiteboard by the entrance "Plane flies into the world trade center" I called my wife to see what was on the news. She hadn't heard and turned on the television and confirmed what was happening. She was still sat in front of the television when I got home about 6 hours later, with tears running down her cheeks. Like millions around the world she was unable to take in what she was seeing and hearing, those images will be etched on all our minds for the rest of our lives.

    I have no idea how the families of those who were involved dealt with it, I cannot even start to imagine. We wanted to visit the memorial to try and get some sense of the magnitude of what had happened. It really isn't possible. While we there I decided I wanted to look for the Roberts name in the plaque. I didn't know Robert, I only know of him through this board. All we had in common was Brighton and Hove Albion, he is on panel N46.

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      Terrorists hijacked multiple planes and flew two into the north and south towers of the WTC in NYC around 8:45 am. About and hour and a half later, the towers collapsed. At about 9:30 am, another plane flew into the Pentagon in D.C., and another plane crashed in Shanksville, Penn. which was believed to be heading toward the White House.


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