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    football special buses

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    I posted this on ask the club some time ago and haven't seen a response. With the season a matter of weeks away people are beginning to make their travel plans.

    With the increased capacity are there plans to increase the number of football buses?

    I mentioned during the course of the season the problem on route s, often full by the top of Mile Oak, and after the match there was an hours wait unless you left early (we were often left amazed at the number of R buses, and when asked why they couldn't be turned into s buses were told the driver didn't know where he was going) . With the increased numbers this situation will be even worse.
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      The S will now go non-stop from Hangleton, Grenadier Hotel, and there is a new H that does the stopping service from there (6 of them).
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      Still just the 1 'P' bus though! Madness. This bus is impossible to catch unless you leave really early. Plus it never ever goes via The Dip, by the way, although it's still included on the timetable. Glad to see the other bus routes have been beefed up, but the 'P' service is a bit of a joke.
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