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    Betting Portacabin

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    I think it would be worth opening a betting portacabin in an area around the ground up from the station. I have heard many people on NSC and at games saying they would like a bet. Not sure if this subject has been covered before but it's worth asking again.

    This would bring in more income too for the club .


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      It's not as easy as people think to just set up a betting booth, unlike in Coronation St NO ONE can just jump behind the till and take a bet, ALL betting shop staff need, what is in some cases, a full day's course in Gambling Compliance followed by a test they need to pass before they can take a bet, Also the big firms are reluctant to touch them as staffing them is always a headache as the requirement to staff them for just 4/5 hours on what is the busiest window of the week is just not worth the hassle....just sayin
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      Personally think it would be a good thing.
      Always adds a bit more interest if you have had a punt on the game.
      Appreciate the above comments but this has not stopped many other clubs
      from having on site bookmakers or kiosks


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