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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Tubthumper View Post
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    Big thumbs up, yes. It's good. Bloody good in fact. Not been there for quite a while but I sense it has not changed one bit. I used to work on the Kingsway btw.
    Starters, curry, rice, naan, puri, bhajis and Cobra. £13 a head (incl. tip).

    Bloody good it was.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Herr Tubthumper View Post
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      I stuck it out to the end. Whilst I suspected we were not going to win the game after 10 minutes or so I might have seen a wonder goal from the Albion. I was with a good bunch of friends including my brother and we kind of made our own entertainment after a while. I was meeting my wife in town post-match so the idea of arriving early and sitting in a pub on my own did not appeal....and sitting on my own having missed a wonder goal would have been doubly gutting.
      I vote 'you can leave when you like' but I enjoyed Knight's goal against Reading a few years back
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      Quote Originally Posted by Mo Gosfield View Post
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      1)Was tempted to go home when I saw Gus' team selection before kick-off.
      2) Knew it was game over after 7 minutes but that was simply too early to call it a day.
      3) Sorely sorely tempted to go at 3-0 ( 11 minutes ) but loyalty prevailed.
      4) Had lost all interest by half-time and decided then that 4-0 would do it for me.
      5) Left as 4th went in ( 62 mins ) loo when 5th went in, driving when 6th announced on radio.

      Don't think WHU were that good. Gus picked totally the wrong line-up ( as at Burnley ) We were on the back foot as soon as Brezovan got out of the way of Vaz Te's shot. I was right behind it and although it wobbled slightly, he seemed to completely lose the flight of the ball. The moment that Gus decided to back Brez as no.1 was the moment our play-off hopes went out of the window. The man is hopeless and unsettles all around him. Greer allowed himself to be outjumped by the smaller Vaz Te and the defence was pulled completely out of position for the 3rd.
      It was nothing short of abject surrender. For me, the worst display of the season. Playing a lone striker who cannot hold the ball, cannot head the ball and is physically lightweight is just ridiculous. A completely defensive formation in a game we had to win. It just defies belief.
      The manager has made as many mistakes as the players in recent games and it has cost us dear. We have a massive squad and Gus changes every game. We have 3 of the most exciting wide players in the Championship and yet, he doesn't start any of them.
      We had a massive chance to make the play-offs but we have blown it and the last six away performances have been pitiful. ( 3 points and 3 goals ! )Certain players do not perform away and need to be replaced.
      Gus needs to learn mighty fast from all these mistakes, so we can all look forward to a more consistent season next time, not a succession of peaks and troughs.
      I must admit the constant tinkering is starting to get to me now. That said I felt the defence were a shambles on Saturday. On reflection Greer, the captain, should have done a lot more. We were under the cosh from the first second and clearly West Ham had been told to stop us playing from the back so I think he should have taken responsibility and cleared a number of balls instead of constantly trying to play from the back and immediately play us into danger. Had we rode the initial 10 minute storm the game might have been different. Of course I do not know if this would have changed anything, but what I do know is that trying to play the ball around the back cost us possession time and time again. Gus has instructed us to not play from the back on bumpy pitches, so it can be done.
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      I 'left' when I found out Wet Sham wanted £32 for a 16yo's ticket, and therefore it would have cost me £200 to take the family, including travel. I can't stand Allardyce but I'm afraid he has our number.

      Well done to all those who stuck it out. I just don't understand why people leave, but if Mr Blobby left early it must have been bad, he is the most loyal fan I know.

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      Quote Originally Posted by tinx View Post
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      Was amazed by the sheer numbers of West Ham fans who had already left the ground by that point. I was expecting it to be mainly Brighton fans but wasn't like that at all.
      i was expecting to see a demoralized crowd of albion walking up the road but the place was awash with west ham leaving early,whats it like when they lose?
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      Left at about 87 minutes. Missing 3 minutes of the game meant I was probably home about 30 minutes earlier. Bonus.
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