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    Yes of course I do. But we haven't had a plan B this season in many games, when teams have worked us out. Hopefully in the Summer we will get the type players Gus wants, then we'll look stronger from back to front.
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      I think Gus has got the right style of play.

      I go to watch a game in order to be entertained, and I'd rather see a skillfull passing game than watch a bunch of cloddhopping thugs kick seven shades of sh!t out of each other (as Leeds seem to like to do) regardless of how effective it might be. If I wanted that then I might as well watch a game of rugby.

      If we need to improve, it's in our pace and hold up play.

      If we are going to get beat at playing a passing game then so be it, but at least we don't resort to the kind of tactics that some other teams might employ.

      It's football for the purist.
      I also go to watch football to be entertained. For me, endless square and backward passes is far from entertaining. I like to see the ball moved quickly forward, I like to see players like LuaLua run at players with the ball at his feet. I like to see balls into the opposition's box, to be attacked by strikers with ability and strength, or skillful midfielders breaking into the box. That is what I find entertaining.


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