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    Transport after the Reading game.

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    Are the club going to be speaking to Southern Rail (and possibly the police/stewards etc at the station) after the shambles with Westbound trains after the game last night?

    Not only did it mean I got home stupidly late (which to be fair is only a minor inconvenience, and one I accept anyway living so far away), but I also quite frankly felt unsafe in the crush to try and get on that first 3 carraige train, so I've no idea what it felt like for elderly fans (trying not to sound patronising there, honest!) and young kids.

    If there is anything that is going to put me off renewing my season ticket in the future, and hence cost the club some income (granted it's only 1 season ticket, but I do spend a lot on beers and pies!!) it is transport chaos like last night.

    And furthermore, I wonder how many kids and parents will have been put off coming back (I assume that there were more young kids there than a normal mid-week game given it is the Easter Holidays.)

    I shall be emailing Southern Trains about this, but I like to think the club will be giving them a serious kick up the back-side as well.


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