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    I shagged my mates mum last night !

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    It all started when I went round my mates house last night, we started having a few beers and my mates mum joined us.
    Anyway by about half past one we're all pissed up and that, and we're dancing around the front room to a bit of dubstep and one by one my mates all fell asleep so it's just me and my mates old girl, she's a fit old bird and I've always secretly wanted to get hold of it and with her old man out on the lash on a stag night I thought I 'd try me luck.
    I moved around behind her and gave it a bit of the old "bump & grind" and next thing I know, I've got her bent over the sofa ! #highfive
    Anyway I legged it before anyone else got up, but now I'm racked with guilt because, although she well fit and that, she still my mates mum.
    Do I tell him ?


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