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    How moderating works

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    I've had a few PMs concerning moderating and the belief that nothing had been done to a user who has been particularly abusive or similarly disruptive to the community,so I wanted to clarify something...

    A short while ago we started to use vBulletin's infraction system. This allows a moderator to give a warning to a user who is being anti-social. There are different strengths of warning based on set criteria, and each gives the user a number of points. The system is very similar to driving penalties - at a certain points level, that can be achieved through a number of minor offences, a ban is automatically imposed.

    When infra Fiona happen the matter stays between the moderator and the user - nothing is published in public and nothing appears in our moderating decisions forum. So don't assume because there is nothing visible on NSC that no action has been taken - it might well have been. So far the infraction system seems to be working well and there are few repeat offenders.

    Moderators retain the ability to impose an immediate and permanent bam if they deem it is required as it typically is for spammers for example.

    The various parameters of the infraction system are still being tweaked, but they will be published soon in order that all NSC members have an opportunity to provide feedback, and also knows how rules are being enforced.


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