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    A blog is born, well kinda

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    A short while ago we asked if any NSCers were interested in blogging on any Albion matters. A few people put their name forward, a domain was purchased, I installed Wordpress and the blog began to take shape. We even have a spangly new logo...

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    Just to be clear: this isn't me blogging, although I have taken the liberty of giving myself an account should I feel the urge to inform, share or rant. Each piece on the blog will show the author. Each author may have a theme - transfer dealings, the Amex, away days or they may write about anything and everything. We're not asking for any specific content from them, nor have we insisted on a high-volume of output.

    The look and feel is taking shape still - you'll immediately notice the old, familiar NSC logo at the top, for example - and we'll work on getting to a look we like over the next week or two.

    But as people have bothered to write, it would seem silly to keep the posts hidden from the world until we've finished the cosmetic work. So, do take a look at North Stand Blog when you get the chance.

    And, again, if you fancy contributing yourself, please drop me a PM. We won't take on everyone, but if you have a nice writing style and a particular slant we'll almost certainly be interested. No pressure to write every day or every week - just as and when the mood takes you. You can also have a different pseudonym if you don't want to be associated with your NSC persona.

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      Are you providing the platform for writing to those who are interested in it. Actually this is good and I have like the idea... I hope there would be a lot of people who would find it more helping and encouraging and would contact you in this regard
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      very good job well dopne
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