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Thread: Matchday Programme v Swindon - ALBION FLYER feature article

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    Matchday Programme v Swindon - ALBION FLYER feature article

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    Benny, who is fast turning into some sort of greyhound racing phenomenon and media star, makes his print debut this weekend with a feature article in the Albion's matchday programme for the Swindon game.

    Not content with his youtube movies or having his own facebook page (whatever the hell that is) Benny has gone into print this week and revealed all in an article which is set to make this week's programme a sought after collector's item.

    Although Benny has not yet revealed his plans for running this weekend, he will no doubt be offering to autograph (or pawprint) your copy of the Swindon programme to his next appearance.
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    Great stuff
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    Nice 1 Nigel.

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    Quality stuff!!!

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    Just seen this on Benny's Facebok page.
    Also a photo of his new foxy looking ladyfriend.


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