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    Hans Kraay

    You are absolutely right, if not managed correctly it would prove to be a complete shambles.

    With a good recording and the lyrics, whatever are chosen as acceptable, shown on screens, the crowd would produce something incredible and intimidating to away fans but, as I previously said, Radio Sussex were not interested enough to reply to my suggestion.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Brovion View Post
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      Spot on. It's amazing how many fans still sing 'going up TO win the cup' even though it makes no sense. We really do have some of the most twattishly thick pig-ignorant illiterate fans in the whole of Europe.

      I may have mentioned this before.
      I was forced to resurrect this old thread after the Milton Keynes FC topic. I had always thought it was going up TO win the cup, in concert with my illiterate colleagues.

      I never questioned the logic. For me, it always made sense that you go up - the table - to win the cup - the championship trophy. But there you go.

      Just victim of the in-house drive-by.
      They say 'jump!', you say 'how high?'


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