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    Quote Originally Posted by knocky1 View Post
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    Weakest Link Relay has these runners ; @big nuts @Ninja Elephant @The Complete Badger is @deletebeepbeepbeep still available? @Simgull @Left Back @ben elton's brother @soistes @penny's harmonica @knocky1 @Eamon the ringer
    @Anchorman @Gypsy King @Mr Banana and anyone I have missed need to get there names forward as there is only one place left to make 3 teams. Unless we can find 5 more runners......

    Apologies if I have missed anyone ready to run, just put your name forward! 4 teams would be good. Time is not an issue. Number of teams entered is strength in depth!
    Alas, I was reminded earlier that I'm going to be somewhere in the midlands on the 20th, I'm going to a mystery gig with a friend of mine - I have no idea who I'm seeing, or where I'm seeing them. The gig is that night, otherwise I'd have left on the thursday instead. Sad times, I've now missed two staple races this year, Worthing 10k and Weakest Link.

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