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    Tom Six - the Human Centipede - Has it gone too far ?.

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    I am against censorship very much and people being able to express their imagination and art. I am against film censorship especially but I believe on this occassion The Human Centipede may have gone to far.

    Its not so much the gore and mutilation as it is meant to be tame compared with the recent spate of sick porn torture films. It is the whole concept which to me is an insult to Humanity. The whole concept is far beyond any amount of torture and gore.

    It is a degredation of Humanity and Women in particular. Tom Six may have come out with an " original " idea , although its idea was born on youtube with a short film from someone else but he must be mentality ill to make this and I would suggest anyone that " enjoys " it needs to make an appointment with their GP pronto.

    For those who do now know the concept it is 3 adults being drugged , operated on and joined together mouth to Anus, man at the front and 2 Women behind. The Man passes his digestive waste down to 2 and so on which apparently when it happens the first time is a key moment for the Mad Doctor who performed this operation. The worrying thing is some sicko may try and carry this out or at least mutilate and do things to Animals as in the film he tried in on 3 Dogs first who died.

    There is a raging debate on imdb and if you type Tom Six on facebook he is on his profile getting abuse and death threats for making it.

    It has got a " general " release although I cannot see it being shown at your local family friendly multiplex anytime soon.

    He is already making - The Human Centipede 2 - Full sequence after the success and notoriety of The First Sequence.

    Do you plan to see this and what is your view on film censorship ?.
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