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    What's SHOREHAM like to live in?

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    Right, sages of NSC - I need some advice.

    At the moment I live in Poets Corner in Hove and like it very much, although I am starting to want a house with garden/parking rather than a flat.

    It's a flight of fancy at the moment but in a year or so I'm thinking of putting my flat on the market and moving somewhere thats...

    * not too far from a mainline station
    * close to brighton
    * near the beach
    * not a chavpit or god's waiting room

    I quite like the look of Shoreham (and places like Newhaven) as it's pretty close to B&H and the prices of houses there are pretty reasonable - what's the place like to live in? any parts to avoid?

    Or does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm probably looking for houses between the 220-260K mark (and yes, I know that in a year's time it might be different)
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