One aim

    Hi everyone..possible vehicle for match day travel ..ticket swops etc.
    After a fantastic start to our life at the Amex ..this might be usefull area to communicate
    with like minded fans in the Southwick Area.
    I will start by saying the coaches from the Romans run by seagull travel were a great way
    to get to the games. Wht better way than to pop down the pub have a drink etc and let them do all the hard work plus great value at around £4.50 return....discuss.
  2. Birdie Boy
    Birdie Boy
    Unfortunately, the Romans is a crap pub with crap expensive beer. The travel on the coach is fine but when there is me and the 3 kids the cost is prohibitive, so it is train all the way. To be fair, train works out perfect on weekend games and not too bad midweek, back to Southwick by 22:50.
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