Green Balloons for Amex/ Leeds game!!!!

  1. BHA Camra
    BHA Camra
    Balloonatics... I have just received an email from them, with regards Green Balloon.... For the Leeds Game @ the Amex.. see below!

    Hi Tim

    Were you looking to have the balloons to fill yourself or for us to fill for you? Was it a particular shade of green you were looking for?

    hi tim,
    yes, put our address on your fans website and in the meantime i will try and source a cheap green balloon in the plymouth colours, if i am succesfull i will email you.

    Vicki @ Balloonatics

    Address for their Shops are:

    44 High Street · Newhaven
    BN9 9PD
    01273 612129

    9 Sutton Park Road · Seaford

    29 Terminus Road · Eastbourne

    They Have a shop in Brighton, but not sure of address... I will try to find out for you.
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