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  1. Feel free to tell your uncle that quite a few of us will be at Behind the Wall in Falkirk for the Southampton match. There's also a cafe in Falkirk (Alders, on Cow Wynd) he should frequent when he is next in town, to support another ex-pat and Albion fan.
  2. Yes my uncle & auntie are " Sassenachs " (which i belive is the term from the highlands for southeners) ? They have lived there since the late 80s and have had english scum painted on the van when they go into town !! There like 60 odd now, Its madness still they like the peace i think they live near carronbridge area! My uncle got me into the Albion so kinda a hero of mine. Anyway Enjoy the rain !!
  3. Hi

    Well, there are at least 5 Albion fans within 5 miles of Bonnybridge! We get everywhere...
    Are your uncle and aunt locals, or immigrants like me?

    And nope, no UFOs, unfortunately!
  4. My uncle & auntie are Albion fans living in Bonnybridge, small world eh.........Seen any UFO's up there ?
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