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  2. the ko cup is saturday your still in it,so dont forget your attendence guesstimate in case you tie with will
  3. cheers dude enjoy christmas
  4. yep ok no bother will do enjoy the trip
  5. Hello again Taybha im popping over the pond for a few weeks, and again i cant log onto the BBC website can you note the following scores for Thee Albion cheers fella
    Swindon 1 Thee Albion 2 murray
    Thee Albion 2 Leton Orient 0 murray
    Wycombe 1 Thee Albion 3 Crofts
    Thee Albion 4 Brentford 1 Zamora or Murray

    cheers again fella and sorry for being a pain.
  6. Taybha, long shot here but im at home and cant get into the BBC website from my home email address and usually use the work one for the predictions can i have Thee Albion 3 Oldham 1 murray 1st goal from Thee Albion
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