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  1. hi bozza,just a note to say the carbage on atc was not deliberate as i am not what you call computer literate,i understand people get annoyed with some of my post but they are never abusive or threatening,alot of the time they deal with issues that are important to me ie facilities at falmer,ticket allocation and the general poor pr of the club, i accept that i am not wanted on nsc chat and thats totaly ok if a little sad,it seems once someone lobs the first stone there are plenty to join in,the poyet thread was not me saying i wanted him out,just responding to a strong rumour,my son will post from his own user name and this is the only time i will use it,even he was not happy with me sending this message,see you all in four months hopefully the better weather will temper my inner minx. take care the rev
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