• Brighton's League Record v Premier League Teams

    With so much to look forward to in the coming season, including the Amex debuts of six teams (Everton, Man City, Man Utd, Stoke, Swansea & West Brom), plus the first competitive games for the best two teams in the division (Chelsea & Tottenham), It's time to take a look back to see how the Albion have fared in their League meetings against next year's opponents.

    The Albion's overall record against their Premier League rivals is: P634 W200 D183 L251 F760 A869, with Brighton having won a respectable 31.54% of their match-ups, although 39.58% of games have ended in defeat.

    This record gives an average of 1.24 points per game, which if replicated over the course of 38 games would leave us on 47 points, more than enough to stay up, with the Premier League's debut season (92/93) the only year to see a team relegated with more than 47 points (Crystal Palace on 49 points, however this was when there were 22 teams rather than 20).

    Of the 19 teams, 9 have managed to beat The Albion in at least 50% of games, with eight of those sides making up this season's top eight in the Premier League.

    Meanwhile, Brighton have the upper hand on just four teams, having won more games than they've lost against the following sides:

    With such a small sample size of match ups for the majority of the League it's hard to draw any real conclusions, other than those teams will continue to be difficult to get the better off, as the top teams, along with mid-table sides like Bournemouth, spend more & more and continue to get stronger each season.

    But with a solid recruitment drive, along with Chris Hughton & a #Together team giving their all in every game, there is every optimism that Brighton will be ready for the mighty challenge ahead in trying to add to the win column in the most watched League in the world, while trying to avoid becoming another statistic to the number of teams that go straight back down in their first season.

    The one certainty that we can all see is that no matter what happens over their two match-ups, when the season is done & dusted and teams know their fates, Brighton will still have the better League record against Crystal Palace.

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